MIQWAI ~ The Intelligent CMS.

MIQWAI CMS has been written in answer to the frustrations of working with other peoples' code over the years.
 Working with platforms like wordpress, joomla, drupal, cubecart, zencart to name a few, you tend to encounter an awful lot of code written by so many other people, all written to their own logic, within the relevant platforms framework, that it can become a nightmare to work with. Reams of code slows down the page load speeds, fixing errors turnsinto a hit and hope operation if you cannot get hold of the developers of plug ins to create fixes, hours can be spent trawling code to fathom where the errors are!

MIQWAI : Keep It Simple Stupid!

Whilst highly intelligent, MIQWAI is also friendly and approachable, it has been developed with the end user in mind, be that myself as a developer (professional breaker of software), my clients when updating their own websites or the customer/client of my clients, it is simple to navigate from the front (customer) end and the back (admin) end.
 Which wefind the biggest bugbear with a lot of the platforms developed by large groups of people. The admin screens are always loaded with options you really don't need once the website has been built, and all you really want to do is update it with some new content.

Voice Recognition

MIQWAI is already being programmed to understand your spoken voice, it can already answer your typed questions about stock levels, latests posts & products, Yes MIQWAI has a voice all of it's own and can already hold a simple conversation with you.


miqwai CMS